Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment

PELHAM SERVICES's mission is to provide excellent service. Therefore werecognize that we must understand our customers and anticipate theirneeds in order to fulfill our mandate of providing the best all-aroundservice, tailored to the specific situation of every customer. It is preciselyon this notion that our Inventory Management and Order Fulfillmentservices are based upon.

PELHAM SERVICES's Inventory Management service allows ourcustomers to have the required level of inventory available in ourDistribution Center, ready to rapidly service the orders of their owncustomers. This fast response time allows our customers to efficientlymaximize their sales while ensuring best in class service.

Furthermore, our customers can connect with our Central Data Systemvia the Internet and access their updated inventory in our DistributionCenter. Specifically the system allows you to:

  • Obtain specific and updated inventory information by item.
  • Obtain detailed movement reports by item, with suggestedMin/Max inventory levels according to historic activity.
  • Generate shipments by customer.


In summary, this service from PELHAM SERVICES allows us to partnerwith our customers in order to expand their ability to rapidly process andship replenishment orders to their own customers. In this manner wecontribute to the improvement of service levels throughout the completesupply chain.

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